18 oktober 2019 14:00

Hoe kunnen jonge feministen een positieve bijdrage leveren aan verandering in Nederland?

Het Young Feminist Weekend 2019 wil jonge vrouwen in Nederland bij elkaar brengen voor een driedaags event om te onderzoeken hoe jonge feministen kunnen bijdragen aan positieve verandering in Nederland.

Om zoveel mogelijk jonge vrouwen te bereiken, heeft de organisatie de informatie over het weekend in het Engels gedeeld:

Young Feminist Weekend 2019 brings together young feminists in the Netherlands for a 3day participatory process to explore how young feminists can create positive change in the Netherlands. To address the challenges we see in our country and the world today we need a strong and intersectional feminist movement where young women in all their diversity are recognised and their experiences and aspirations are valued. The NVR wants to support young feminist leadership and engagement in its work and the Young Feminist Weekend 2019 aims to facilitate a platform for convening young feminist voices and building relationships and solidarity amongst each other. We invite applications from young selfidentified women aged between 18 and 31 who strongly believe in coming together and building connections with other young feminists, in order to create change together. If this sounds like you, we invite you to apply!  

Is Young Feminist Weekend 2019 for you? 

  • Are you interested in sharing your feminist work and activism with others and learning from each other? 
  • Are you keen to find out what young feminists are doing against inequality, and how you can work together to create positive change in society?
  • Are you keen to engage in highly participatory learning processes and willing to learn more about yourself and your work in this world? 
  • Do you want to be part of shaping future feminist strategies and campaigns in the Netherlands?  

The criteria 

  • Are you a feminist (self-identified) woman between 18 and 31 years old (at the time of the Open Space 2019)?
  • Do you have experience in activism related to feminism, gender equality, or women’s rights? 
  • Do you currently live in the Netherlands?
  • Do you want to bring about change, justice and equality in society together with other young feminists?  
  • Do you have a strong level of English and/or Dutch? 

We are committed to organising an event that includes young women in the Netherlands in all of their diversity. As such, women of colour, from ethnic minority groups, with refugee backgrounds, with disabilities, from the LGBTQI community and from marginalised groups are especially encouraged to apply.  


  • Dates: Friday 18 October 14.00 until Sunday 20 October 17.00;
  • Venue: Workshops and accommodation at Willibrordushuis (Oude Molstraat 35). Please note this is a monastery in the centre of The Hague;
  • Accommodation: This is free and will be organised and covered by NVR and its partners;
  • Travel: Participants are expected to pay for their own travel to and from The Hague 

Participation fee

We want to make sure that no one is excluded from participating in the Open Space for financial reasons but as we don’t have enough funding to cover the full participation costs for everyone (venue of the event, the accommodation, the catering, the speakers, the team and the material), we ask for a participation fee of. € 75,00 p.p. Contact us if this causes a problem for you.  

How to apply 

All interested candidates can apply using our online application form, will be available soon.